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Rafting or white water rafting is a challenging recreational outdoor activity using an inflatable raft to navigate on a river. This is usually done on white water or different degrees of rough water, in order to thrill and excite the raft passengers.

Like most outdoor sports, rafting in general has become safer over the years and we can say that is the safest between whitewater sports. Thanks to this can be used as family program, so called family rafting. The most important characteristic of a rafting tour is that the participants have to synchronize their moves, that’s why it is a beloved team building activity. Rafting is the paddling sport which is the most recommended to begin whitewater paddling because it is the safest.

Rafts come in a few different forms. We usually use two forms of rafting boat: the most common symmetrical raft in which can fit 6-12 people and so-called trekking boats (in-line rafts) in which can sit 2-3 persons. In case of the raft in every boat is there is a guide, in the case of the in-line raft there is one experimented guide to every fifth boat, but the minimum number of guides on a tour is 2. Usually one guide is with whitewater kayak. 

The best period to do rafting trips is when the snow is melting (April-June ). This period of the year is from April to May. Buzau and Jiu rivers can be paddled all season long.    

We are at your disposal with the richest rafting offer from our country and with guides certified by the International Rafting Federation.

Canoe trips are usually organized on lower moving sections of Mures  and Olt rivers in Transylvania. On these trips nature and relaxation are the two most important things. We don't hurry, we are just enjoying the peaceful rivers. On your request we can organize kayak or canoe trips anywhere in Romania.

What’s included: kayaks, canoes, paddles, life wests, tents (if needed), luggage transport.  

What should you bring: swimming suit, sandals or other footwear which can be wet, change clothes, sleeping bag (in case of several days trip), polifoam, adventure spirit… 

Our canoe and kayak trips

Whitewater kayaking-photo on Crisul Pietros riverCompared to rafting or trekking, whitewater kayaking is the real whitewater sport which needs advanced paddling skills. Whitewater kayaking is the king of whitewater sports. If a raft is a bus, whitewater kayak is a racing car.

The biggest difference between rafting and kayaking lies in the fact that the rafting boat rides the waves whilst the kayak cuts the waves. It’s not recommended to paddle without proffesional instruction or previous training.

Once tried you cannot stop. Attention! It causes dependence. 

Cycling in Transylvania

If you want to discover Transylvania's natural heritage while cycling join us on one of our trips. These trips can be one or several day long journeys.

You can choose from one if the following options:

1. Self support cycling tours

  • What does it mean? We carry all our gear (clothes, food, eventually tent) with us on the bikes.
  • What do we provide? Bikes, helmets, bicycle racks with professional Crosso touring panniers.
  • Self support cycling tours can be organized with or without guide, it is you choice. If you choose to go on your own you can rent our bikes and we can help you to choose your route and eventually to transport you to the start or end.
  • These trips can be organized with lodging or camping in tent. 

2. All inclusive cycling tours

  • What does it mean? The gear is carried by our van which is accompanying us.
  • What do we provide? Bicycles, guides, transport van and if needed meals and lodging. 

3. Combined cycling and outdoor tours

  • These cycling trips can be linked to other outdoor programs such as: rafting, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, canyoning ect 

Adventure programmes are addressed to groups, families and companies offering a 2 or 3 day  or longer programme in function of needs and location. By request we can guide you and organize programmes anywhere in Romania.

Usually minimum number to organize a program is 6 participants, but we can make exceptions. 

During the winter rivers are frozen so we cannot go for paddling, but we can enjoy the snow and the white landscape.

Some activities which we can organize in winter:

  • snowshoeing
  • ski touring
  • snow kayaking
  • snow rafting
  • horseriding
  • horse sleigh riding
  • ice climbing
  • iglu building 
  • speology
  • archery 

Date: 22-24th of April 2022(day of the contest is 23th of April)
Location: Mureș valley
Slalom start: Salard
Marathon start place: Meștera
Marathon finish place: Răstolița
Marathon length: 24 km

We are glade to announce you that the Outdoor Experience team is organizing for the 10th time the “Mures Marathon” rafting and whitewater slalom contest in Romania.

Our concept is to bring together the Romanian and European paddlers. The contest will take place on Mures river, the difficulty (ZWC – WWII) of this river allows to participate amateurs, the accessibility is very easy and is placed in the middle of the country.

The Mures river flows from Hasmasu Mountains and runs into the Tisza river in Hungary. In the upper part the river is flowing between Caliman and Ghiurghiu mountains. The mean flow of the river is 23 m3/s. From the mountains a lot of tributaries are running into the Mures. The river is easy accessible from Tirgu Mures on DN 15.

Click to see the map of the contest location.

Before the Marathon there will be a Slalom contest which will start from 10.00, the location will be chosen on the 22nd of April.  

The 5th Mures Marathons starting point is placed in Mestera village (see map), the finish point is in Rastolita village. The race will start at 14:00 am. The distance which has to be paddled by each concurrent is 24 km. Between the start and ending point of the race participants will have to stop at the refreshment station which will e placed at the right bank of the river.



Boat tipe





Max 1

length < 2,65 m

RRK  River runner kayak Max 1 2,65-3,1 m
SK Slalom kayak Max 1 N/A



Max 1

length >= 3,1 m


Inflatable canoe-trek

Max 2



Inflatable kayak

Max 2




Min 3, Max 6



Open category

Min 1


*categories are open if we have the minim of 3 participants for the category.


The registration point will be placed at the location of the Slalom and and after that at the start of the Marathon, at Mestera village next to the bridge on the left side of the river. Registration can be made in the race day from 8:00 am to 13:00 am or online. Every participant have to show to the organizers the equipment and have to pay the registration fee before 13:00 in the race day. Every participant after paying the registration fee will get a race number.


Registration fee EURO/participant





After 2022.04.10



Minimal requirements for participation

  • Competitors participate at their own risk and must be able to swim. Organizer is not responsible for accidents or material damage, which may occur during the race.
  • Helmets and life jackets are mandatory.
  • Participants have to provide their own equipment.
  • Participation must agree with all rules and requirements.

Rules of the Marathon contest

  • The race, going to be started from Mestera village on the 23rd of April at 14:00 am.
  • Every participant/team after paying the registration fee will get a race number. Participants must wear the race number during the whole race.
  • Every participant has to stop at the refreshment point.

The rules of the slalom contest will be announced at the race day.


From Tirgu Mures you have to follow the DN 15. After Tirgu Mures the first main intersection is in Reghin city. From Reghin you have to followed the same road to Toplita direction. After you leave Reghin city approximately 50 km you will arrive to Mestera village. Here you have to follow our signs to reach the registration point. For more help you can see the map .


Ilvei valley, close to Lunca Bradului: Centrul ecvestru Călimani
Stanceni: Pensiunea Calimani
Salardului valley, close to Salard: Pensiunea Denisa
Salard valley: Fain camping
Rastolita village: Pensiunea Calimani
Mestera village: Lostrița Cabin (+4 0745335206)

Camping for free at the finish point.

We are not reserving and not supporting any accommodation. The accommodation is not included in the registration fee.

For additional information contact us at: Tel: +40745397557, +40747–835624

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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