Day trips

Cycling day trips are organized on easy routes so average fitness persons will enjoy it.


1. Măgherani- Bichiș peak (1080 m) and back:  length 26 km, height difference 500 m-35 euro/pers (min. 4 pers)

2. Sovata -  Bichiș peak and back:  length 26 km, height difference 590 m-35 euro/pers (min. 4 pers)

3. Sovata - Rabsonne fortress an back: length 25 km,  height difference 370 m-35 euro/pers (min. 4 pers)

4. Criț-Meșendorf-Viscri-Bunești: length 36 km, height difference 670 m-39 euro/pers (min. 4 pers)

Price includes: rental and transport of bikes (Kross hexagon x7) to the starting point, guiding și 1 meal prepared at the campfire (bacon, onions, bread)

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